Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tool five: Producing

  1. Then, embed both products in your blog or link to the products from your blog.
  2. Describe for your readers how you think each tool can be incorporated into your classroom - how you could see the tool being used by you instructionally and your students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or topic in your classroom. The best way for these items to be used is on learned information. The tools would be incorporated when summarizing important information. this would allow students to explain learned information in a very creative way.  

Tool 4: Cloud

1. Briefly discuss how you can use the tools in Google Apps with your team or department. How can you incorporate Google Apps as a tool in your classroom? Which tools are you excited about using with students? I like the Google docs, because I can create and ask questions as I create. Teachers are able to edit and assist in the creation in real time as well.

Tool 3: Finding online video

  1. Visit several of the video hosting/streaming sites mentioned above. Share with your readers which sites you found most useful for your content and why. The Sites I found most useful were and Discovery. As a person that teaches with Science I found many experience that could be used in the class room and explanations of material that could not be seen other wise.  
  2. Articulate what you learned about copyright and fair use. What was new to you?  As long as the material is not claimed as your own or the person does not earn founding for a copyright item, the item may be used. 
  3. Create a Dropbox account and add some files to it  How could you use this tool in your classroom? The item is usable for large based files that can not be saved to the computer or for files that can not be access through the district. I use the drop box to access those files for the classroom. 

Tool Two: Building Community

1. Visit at least 5 blogs - choose a few from the list below and a few from your campus wiki (on the right sidebar) and comment to one of the posts. 

2. What points stood out to you from the commenting advice? Were you able to apply any of the advice in your comments? How did you feel about sharing your thoughts publicly? Was it different than when you're sharing your successes/challenges with your teammate.

The point that stood out the most to me was that teachers were not familiar wit the technology and had troubles completing tool one. Sharing my thoughts publicly is something I am comfortable with. No, sharing with my teammates is how we learn as teachers.

3. Share the url or name of a blog or social network that you plan to visit in the future. What does that site have to offer?, , I would like to visit with the teachers of Northbrook Senior High and continue to communicate my finding s and understanding of the 11 Tools.